My car’s better now

sick carMy car has been sick for the last few days. When I got to work on Monday morning, I could hear a ticking sound, the sound hot metal makes as it cools down. When I got out of the car, I could ‘smell’ something was hot and on investigation it turned out that the passenger side rear brake disc was extremely hot. I concluded from this that the calliper had stuck on.

I rang the garage, but they were fully booked until today. Very few of the people at my work actually live in or travel through Dunstable any more, so I was starting to despair of finding a lift. I did manage to find a lift which I was very grateful for and it didn’t inconvenience them as they travel past the end of my road.

I took the car in to the garage first thing this morning and when they looked at the disc, they found that it wasn’t the calliper but was the parking brake that was the problem. It had become jammed on and they were unable to get the part until 3:30 this afternoon. On a normal day this wouldn’t have been a problem, however today I was due to finish at 1:30 as I have to use my holiday up by the end of the year and we finish on Friday. So I worked this afternoon and collected my car at the end of the day. Another expensive repair for my car, it has been an expensive year this year.

I’ll start later tomorrow and finish early, so I won’t lose my holiday.

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