Very Early Birthday Present

Nikon D80OK, I have no willpower.

About two months ago I posted about deciding to change over to a digital camera. I went into Jessops and had a look at a few. I came away really liking the Nikon D200, but open to the D80 as well. The D200 was reported as being a heavy camera, which I didn’t really find, but then I realised, most of the time recently I have been lugging my Minolta X-500 and Tamron SP60-300 with a doubler on it around, this is almost exactly the same weight as the D200 and 17-55 lens I tested. No wonder it didn’t feel heavy.

I have spent a lot of time over the intervening weeks researching the D200 and D80 cameras, and finally convinced myself that, even though I loved it, I didn’t need the couple of extra features and the additional expense of the D200. So, that was it, the D80 it would be … probably.

I had money from everyone for Christmas, and put in requests for donations for when it came to my birthday in July. I would then have the funds to buy whichever was the best choice at the time.

Then a couple of days ago, I started thinking about the D40 or D40x camera and whether it would do everything I needed. If so, then my fund already covered it with some to spare. Hmmm. All this time, as usual, I’m bouncing my thoughts off of Jo. I suggested that I went up to Jessops to look at the D40 today.

She explained to me that it would probably be a good idea for me to just get it today, as at the rate I was going, I’d have driven her nuts in a couple of weeks time, let alone 7 months. When I stepped back to look at the situation, I could see that I had become a little bit obsessive about it.

So we went up to Jessops and got a Nikon D80 and AF-S DX 18-70 f3.5-4.5 lens kit and a 2GB SD card and a UV filter for the lens. I managed to get a bit of discount on the filter, the kit was reduced slightly in the sales and Nikon are offering £50 cashback when you buy a D80 with a Nikon lens. I’ve also convinced myself that every film I don’t shoot and have to get developed and printed is saving me money against the purchase.

I haven’t had time to go out yet with it, but have played around indoors to get familiar with the controls.

I’ll try not to obsess how much I like it now.

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