Went on our first BritTrip

Walkers Crisps are running a promotion called BritTrips. This is to promote the fact that there are many things to do in the UK without having to go to the airport for a holiday. There are codes in bags of crisps that you register online to get points. You can exchange the points for partial or full payment of a selection of days out, meals, holiday accommodation etc.
Anyway, last Saturday afternoon we took the bikes out to Marston Vale again and cycled round the other bit of the cycle path. It was really good, as my son can now ride without stabilisers and this was the first time out since he had first managed.
female Broad Bodied Chaser dragonflyOn Sunday afternoon we converted 5 of our BritTrip points into a voucher for entry/parking at the RSPB headquarters in Sandy, which is about 45-50 minutes away from us. It was a really hot day, which was a shame in a way, as the birds were staying out of the way, at least they were on the heath trail that we walked. Part of the way round the heath trail is a pond that has been established for Natterjack toads and there were loads of damselflies and a couple of dragonflies flying around. I managed to get a photo of one of the damselflies, a male Large Red damselfly as I found out when I got home, and several photos of a female Broad Bodied Chaser dragonfly, also found out when I got home. There was a cuckoo in the woods further over, I can’t remember if I have ever heard one before, if I have it was a long time ago. We called it a day after about 1.5 hours as everyone was getting tired.

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