On your bikes

ridgeback mx2A couple of weeks ago Jo and I decided we needed to get bikes so that we could keep up with the kids when they are on their bikes. I got a couple more Thule bike carriers to go on our roof bars, so it was just time to get bikes.

I looked about the local area for bike shops and last Saturday we all went over to Hitchin to Cycledealia to see what they had. Their suggestion for our requirement was a Giant Rock, but they didn’t have the size frames either of us would need. It was suggested that for a Giant bike I would need a 21″ frame and Jo would need a 17″. They were going to order in some bikes that week for this weekend, so to ring on Friday to confirm and then we could go back on Saturday. We finished the day watching the ducks and eating ice cream.

Jo rang them on Friday to be told that they didn’t have them, nor would they have. They would only have got the sizes in to order and didn’t know why we were told otherwise. Not impressed.

ridgeback mx2 open frameAnyway, Jo checked around some other shops, and on Friday afternoon, before we collected the kids from school, we went over to St Albans to Addiktion Cycles. John there was very helpful and we quickly settled on a pair of Ridgeback bikes. A MX2 in a 21″ frame for me and a MX2 open frame in a 17″ frame for Jo. The 17″ was already built, so Jo was able to try the bike we would buy. The 21″ wasn’t built, so they checked size for me on a 19.5″ Trek, which is about the same size. We got bike helmets and some security while we were there.

Yesterday afternoon we went over to collect the bikes and did a bit of shopping at St Albans market. When we got home, I took my bike out round the block. Of course, I didn’t take it easy to start with and by the time I got home, realised just how unfit I am.

This morning we went to a car boot sale and this afternoon we took all the bikes up to the Forest Centre at Marston Vale where we spent about 1.5 hours cycling around the wetlands part of the figure 8 cycle path. It was a really good afternoon.

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