Sherwood Forest Center Parcs 2008 pt 6

Another lay-in this morning, well we are on holiday! It was bright with blue skies this morning, so maybe the forecast of rain all day across the country was wrong. We decided to head into the village to find a booking point and see if we could book some archery for today, however, as we were unlocking the bikes it started to drizzle. By the time we got to the village it was raining and so we agreed that there was no point in trying to book anything. It was about 11:30m by this time anyway and the kids had been on at us to go back to Forestors’ Inn, so rather than hang around we headed out there before the rain got too heavy.

It was getting quite wet by the time we got there, so coffees were the first order for Jo and me. We ordered our food and the kids went off to play in the children’s area. I had the cumberland sausage with mash today and Jo had the fish and chips. By this time it was raining fairly heavily and constantly, so we extended our time here with some more drinks. The kids didn’t have a problem with staying longer as they were having a great time in the play area, even if the slide was wet.

We finally gave in to the temptation of free WiFi. All of the main facilities have free WiFi, but although we had taken Jo’s laptop, (to copy our photos onto,) we had resisted taking the laptop out with us until today. I must admit, I had checked to see that we didn’t pick up the edge of the signal from our villa on the first night. I spent a couple of minutes checking some of my emails and checking any activity on cre8Buzz, before Jo checked her stuff. After we’d been at Foresters’ Inn for a couple of hours, we headed back to the villa in a break in the weather.

We were at Strada for our meal tonight. The kids had pizza and chargrilled chicken from the kids menu. I had ‘Risotto all’aragosta e gamberoni’, lobster and tiger prawn risotto with garlic, chilli, white wine, thyme, broad beans and roasted Italian tomatoes, Jo had Spigola al forno again, seabass stuffed with thyme and fennel, grilled lemon and roasted cubetti potatoes. This was a really great risotto, in my opinion the best meal I’ve had this week.

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