My Tweets for the week 2009-12-27

  • Snowing in Dunstable and MK, took 1.75 hr to drive back from shopping in MK. Light but constant #uksnow 5/10 LU6 #
  • Tried to upgrade test blog to WordPress 2.9. Needs MySQL 4.1.2; my hosting isn’t that version yet. Can take to 5 but check all apps work 1st #
  • Ford has agreed the terms of the sale of its Swedish business, Volvo Cars, to China’s Geely. #
  • Emily Smith on BBC One Scotland’s ‘Hogmanay Live’ on Dec 31st 23:45 – 00:45 (VirginMedia channel 862) #
  • Just finished playing scrabble with the kids. 🙁 I lost! I had a run of only vowels and nowhere to put them. Out of practice #
  • Google are giving £12.4 million ($20 million) to charity this Christmas. No matter what you think of them, that’s great #
  • On second thoughts, picking up the coffee jar by the lid and finding the lid only partially on wasn’t such a good idea. Enough left for cup. #
  • Merry Christmas everyone #
  • Despite not mentioning it before, my daughter loves her GoGo Hampster Pipspeak. It was evidently the one she wanted out of all of them. #
  • The Nintendo Wii was a great hit. Will be playing it later today. #

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