My Tweets for the week 2009-12-20

  • Back from the Governors' Merit Assembly this morning. The recorder group that I run on a Friday played really well. Their effort payed off. #
  • It was frosty out this morning when I looked at 6:00am. Sometime since it has snowed in Dunstable, only a light dusting. #
  • @gvvaughan Didn't last long then it melted. Just cold, 0C now. Maybe due some sleet and snow later. Thu – Sat could be more, brrr in reply to gvvaughan #
  • Snowing again in Dunstable, maybe its sleet. Whichever, its cold out there! #
  • Watching the cars wheel spinning on road next to mine #
  • No internet. Virginmedia will fix by 10am tommorow. 🙁 #
  • Internet came back this morning about 1am #
  • #uksnow settled in Dunstable this morning, about 2 inches from the look. No reports of the schools closed, but it is the last day anyway #
  • Watling Lower, Ashton Middle and Manshead Upper Schools in Dunstable closed for the day due to #uksnow. #
  • Journey from Dunstable to Milton Keynes on A5 was fine this morning. No impact from #uksnow #
  • Spammers have found an album on my photo gallery that they have delugued with spam. It filled my hosted database and killed my blogs. Aaargh #
  • Shopping in MK. Quiet for last weekend before Xmas #
  • Can't believe how stupid some drivers are. 'I can't get traction – let's put my foot to the floor and spin the wheels even more' #uksnow #
  • Traffic southbound into Dunstable very slow. 30 minutes from Tilsworth to the fire station. #

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