npower hometeam 50 boiler care flexi

Just over a month ago, we signed up to npower’s ‘hometeam 50 boiler care flexi’ boiler and central heating cover for £15 a month.

Within a few days, they contacted me to arrange the initial inspection and today was the day agreed.

The engineer turned up and I showed him into the living room. He looked at the fire and said, ‘there’s the fire, where’s the boiler?’. I told him it was a back boiler. ‘Oh’ he says, ‘we don’t service back boilers with that type of fire’ indicating the gas fire on the front.

So, that had to be the shortest boiler service in history. He check the air vent wasn’t blocked and the chimney and that was it.

He filled in on their system to have my contract cancelled and my money refunded.

I’ve just been looking again at the T&C for the contract and and section 7.3 under the elegibilty section is a gem:

  • 7.3 We may not accept on to a Product some Boiler makes and models. We will notify You of this either when You request the Product or when We are required to carry out Work under this Agreement.

So basically I took a day off work for absolutely nothing! If they had asked me for the boiler model, surely they could have told me up front they cannot service it.

For anyone wondering if they would be in the same situation, I have a Potterton Housewarmer 55 gas fired back boiler and a Potterton Presence 2 Inset Decorative Gas Fire.

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