Return to North Devon Part 13

Today’s plan was to return to Tunnel Beaches at Ilfracombe. The kids wanted to go rock pooling using the nets at the cottage. The tidal pool on the beach is visible from about 3 hours before low tide to 3 hours after. Low tide today was 10:08, so the pool would be there until about 1pm.
It was also a bit of a shock today to find that the Norman King pub in Dunstable had burnt down last night. A fire, which is being treated as arson, started just after midnight and had completely destroyed the thatched roof. Church Street was closed until about 5:30 this morning.
Anyway, back to Devon, it was a bit more windy than we were expecting today, so I bottled it and didn’t wear my shorts. We eventually got to Tunnel Beaches about 10:30 and made our way through the Victorian tunnels to the ‘ladies’ beach and the tidal pool. The kids and I went rock pooling, them in their crocs, me in bare feet, ouch. After an hour or so we eventually headed back to Jo and then they went down to the tidal pool. At about quarter to 1 we left the beach and took the nets and clothes back to the car. We then headed down to the front to eat at the same place we eat last year, The Wheel Inn. It appears that the pub is now in new hands and no longer serves food at lunchtime. They did recomend we eat at 6 St James Bistro, further up the road, so we went to have a look.
It was a good recommendation, I had the Exmoor venison and it was so tender. I hadn’t had venison for years, so didn’t hesitate in my choice. Jo had the steak and ale pie, P had bacon and cheese omelette and A had Margherita pizza. It’s only a small restaurant, but well worth a visit.

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