My Tweets for the week 2011-12-04

  • Internet connect is back after another 7.5 hour outage. How long is this going to happen @VirginMedia ? Do I need to look for a reliable ISP #
  • LOL 5 minutes on the phone to get through to @VirginMedia tech support. Finally 'All our operatives are busy. Thanks and goodbye.' Quality! #
  • Following today's @VirginMedia broadband outage, I have got a technician coming to fix the problem. Got the feeling it was the easy option. #
  • Finally got my @VirginMedia broadband modem to connect. Any luck that will be the problem and the technician will replace it on Monday. #
  • Found out it was the school disco yesterday when I went to teach the recorder group. Had to lend kids both my spare and my Moeck descant. #
  • My @VirginMedia internet started working intermittently earlier, first time I've had internet since Thurs morning. Went 5 mins later. #
  • Slightly frustrated yesterday. Re-checked with the head that end of term assembly was still the last Monday, it has now been moved to Friday #

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