Last night I was thinking about New Year and thought that I had better replenish my stock of Glen Morangie 18 Year Malt. However after some investigation, it doesn’t appear that they produce this any more. I find this amazing if this is true; the 10 Year malt is enjoyable, but the 18 is something special and something I have seen the New Year in with for a few years.

Out of frustration, I emailed the distillery to confirm is production has ceased. I hope not, otherwise I will have to find a new favorite whisky. I have tried their wood finish whiskies, but enjoyed the 18 year better.

[Edit] I did receive a reply suggesting that I should be able to buy it from an online off-license or if I forwarded my postcode, they would send me a list of local stockists. I guess there were no local stockists to provide as that was the last communication I received.

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