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10 days ago Carol at My View of IT invited me to join her at cre8buzz which is a new blog community. It is currently in beta, so you need an invite to join, but there are about 200 members at the moment.

Once you join, you select a community to create your profile under. Mine is under Technology > P.C.

On your profile page, you can add links to existing websites and blogs, add photos to your gallery and make posts on your blog on the cre8buzz site. You can to a degree customise your profile page in terms of section location and theme by modifing the html for the left_sidebar,
main and right_sidebar sections and adding your own CSS style to the theme. I have adjusted mine so that it is a similar theme to my blog.

my cre8buzz profile

From the cre8buzz website:

We built Cre8buzz with one question in mind: How do we get EVERYONE more…

* More exposure
* More visitors
* More views
* More friends
* More followers
* More comments
* More feedback

How do we help people cre8 a buzz of their own?

Our answer; Cre8buzz, the place where everyone in the world has a chance to be seen, heard, and found!

Everything you post on the cre8buzz site has the opportunity to be rated by the other members, the higher rated items get higher visibility.

The disadvantage I see to this site over a normal blog, is that it encourages feedback and comment in the cre8buzz community rather than on your blog itself. Also, to be seen as blog posts that could be rated, you would have to be double posting everything, once on your blog and again on the site.

I am currently rated No. 1 in the PC community, but then I am the only member.

If any of my readers want to try this out, let me know through my contact me page.

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