What’s on your computer desk?

OK, I’m sat at our desktop typing this, so here goes panning from left to right:

  • 2 drive mounting rails from an old server
  • 2 dvd cases with home movies of the kids
  • 17″ monitor for desktop computer
  • stack of CDs in rack (some computer and some music)
  • Jo’s digital camera in it’s case
  • left speaker for desktop
  • port replicator for laptop
  • autoloader tape drive for backups with right speaker for desktop on top
  • mouse mat with wireless mouse
  • surgemaster under monitor power distribution unit with 2nd 17″ monitor for desktop
  • 2 stacks of CDs balanced on the corner of the desk

I know I must be the exception and that everyone else’s desk must be less cluttered than mine.

So, what’s on your desk?

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