The Stresses of Kitchen Appliances

double ovenWe have known for a while that we were going to need to replace the gas oven. The door on it hasn’t sealed properly for some time and every so often I would have to take the door apart to tighten the handle. The plan was that we would look at replacing it over Easter, but needless to say, it wasn’t going to play our game.

On Friday the fan started making unhealthy noises, so yesterday we went out looking for a new oven. The hub also needed replacing as the seal between the glass top and the metal surround had failed and caused the paint on the metal surround to peal in a couple of places. The existing oven was fitted nearly 14 years ago when we bought our house. It is a single oven as that was the space we had available.

We were looking to get a oven with a separate grill/double oven this time and this proved more difficult than we expected. In the end we found one in stainless steel finish that was available to be fitted next week So on Tuesday, the old oven and hob will be removed and the new ones delivered and fitted. Once the old oven has been removed, I will have to remove the oven housing to take out the shelf because it is too high for the new larger oven.

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