Sherwood Forest Center Parcs 2008 pt 3

speckled wood butterflyWe went into the guest services this morning and reported the heating problem. Then we crossed the road to Jardin Des Sports, where the kids had their pre-booked activity later today. Again, like most of the other facilities here, it was noticably smaller than its counterpart at Elveden. The kids went and played outside in one of the children’s play areas before went went across to the adventure golf where we played 9 holes.

We had lunch at the Pancake House. We had a table outside as it was looking nice, but part of the way through I thought we were going to have to change table as it looked as if it was imminently going to start raining.

After lunch the kids were booked into an activity ‘Who is Robin Hood’ – we thought it was one where we could leave the kids, but it was adult accompanied. They decorated robin hood hats and bows, had their faces painted and then practised firing their bows against the wall in the next room. We came back to the villa afterwards for a rest/ more firing of arrows. The heating had been fixed and the villa was at a roasting 25’C.

I took my camera down to the bird feeding hide, about 100 yards down the road from our villa to see what it was like there. When I first got to the hide, there wasn’t much to see, just a rabbit eating some of the food. Over the next 30 minutes or so, I saw a couple of greater spotted woodpeckers, some squirrels, a few chaffinch, a treecreeper as well as coots, moorhens and swans on the lake. A large group of people came into the hide before I left and not surprisingly with the kids stomping up and down the hide, they didn’t see much. I think I also saw a song thrush as they were leaving, but they were making so much noise it was only there for a brief moment.

We ate in Huckleberry’s tonight as we had made our reservation, although when we arrived we weren’t asked if we had reserved; I guess they must have had some spaces. The kids agreed that they wanted to eat at Strada tomorrow night, so we managed to get early reservations before we headed back to the villa for the night.

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