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Arrr! Shiver me timbers

`Tis official. Today be International Talk Like a Swashbuckler tide. Th’ photos be at th’ International Talk Like A Swashbuckler Tide gallery on Flickr Th’ Howto section has basic an’ advanced gentleman o’ fortune lingo coverin’ such terms as avast! … Continue reading

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Cat rules

When I was checking out the comments on Vijays blog for his My Life, Rated! post, I followed a link to meeyauw‘s blog. I found the Feline Laws of Physics post listing some of the Feline Laws of Physics from … Continue reading

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Fun game

I came across this online game, Bloxorz at yesterday and have found it really good for killing a lot of time. The idea is to get the block through the hole using the arrow keys to move it. If … Continue reading

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